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Kowabunga! This April youth will be riding the save wave into WESTconsin Credit Union.

Like surfers, young savers need tools and techniques to improve their skills. And we’re here to help youth start on the path to healthy savings habits. During the week of April 20-26, WESTconsin Credit Union will celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week™. This year's theme, “Catch the $ave Wave™,” highlights tips and resources available at the credit union to boost good habits and “hang ten” on the save wave. Through lots of practice, young surfer savers will learn the secret of riding a gnarly wave that will help them achieve big-time savings.

Click here  for updated information on WESTconsin Credit Union coordinated office events in your area.

Bring your saving surfers into WESTconsin Credit Union, and we’ll show them how to grab some air and carve through the save wave.

Downloadable Items:

Parent Resources

Click here  for financial tips to help teach your kids the power of saving!

Youth Resources

Elementary School

  • 5-Spot  (Ages 6-10, Elementary School)

  • Ask your parents to help you open your own savings account at the credit union. Keep track of how much money you put in and take out. That way you can see how close you are to meeting your savings goal.

  • If you're saving up for something special, like a new bike or toy, hang a picture of it on the wall. This will remind you of your savings goal every day until you reach it.

Middle School

  • A-J's  (Ages 11-13, Middle School)

  • Ask your parents if you can plan a family event, like a trip to the zoo or an afternoon at a waterpark. List all the things that will cost money—like tickets, food, and souvenirs. Set a budget, and encourage everyone to stick to it when the big day arrives.

  • Make a list of things you want to spend your money on. Put the list in order, starting with the things you want the most. This will help you figure out what you really want to save up for.

High School

  • C-Note  (Ages 14-18, High School)

  • Consider taking on a part-time job. Earning your own money can help you save for big goals, like car or college expenses.

  • Talk to your parents about opening a checking account at the credit union. Learn how to use a debit card responsibly and track transactions. Those skills will come in handy when you leave home.

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