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25 Ways Of Giving

Posted: December 28, 2015

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Thank you for following the #25WaysOfGiving! Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

25 Ways Of Giving | 25. Be kind. Remember Kindness Counts—Pass It On!Wes T. Consin ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 24. Pack stockings for the homeless including snacks, warm apparel and hygiene products. —Adam L. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 23. Adopt a pet from your local animal shelter. —Mary L. #25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 22. Return a shopping cart to the store. —Mike R. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 21. Teach someone a skill you have. —Baylee J. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 20. Give away gift cards to those in need. —Bradley W. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 19. Donate to the food pantry. Collect non-perishable items for your local food bank while caroling. —Mariah M. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 18. Help a homeless veteran. Jaclyn G. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 17. Share a treat. Bring a treat to the office to share with coworkers. —Michelle A. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 16. Donate gently used items. Clean out your closet and donate gently used clothing and winter apparel items to homeless shelters. —Karen R. #25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 15. Give anonymously. Anonymously pay for someone's layaway, coffee, dinner, etc. —Trisha S. #25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 14. Organize a drive. Collect items for a local shelter (books, diapers, personal hygiene products, etc.). —Ken T. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 13. Have a cookie swap.Jen B. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 12. Give an unexpected generous tip.David A. 25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 11. Leave a note of cheer on someone's windshield. —Kristine M. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 10. Visit shut-ins at care centers or in their homes. —Amanda W. #‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 9. Donate to charity in lieu of gifts. —Christina O. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 8. Shovel the sidewalk for your neighbor. —Fran B. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 7. Take someone's pet for a walk.Latacia G. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 6. Run an errand for someone who may not have a vehicle. —Tony H. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 5. Deliver a meal to someone in need. —Brian D. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 4. Donate blood and save a life. —Kari F. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 3. Offer pro-bono work. Create or update a Facebook page and/or Twitter site for a local non-profit. —Jen B. ‪#‎25WaysOfGiving

25 Ways Of Giving | 2. Shop local for gifts. —Tom C.

25 Ways Of Giving | 1. Adopt a family and provide gifts for all. —Mary W.

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