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25 Days Of Savings

Posted: December 2, 2015

Thank you to everyone who submitted savings tips for the #25DayofSavings and to everyone who followed along! Visit any one of our WESTconsin offices to learn about more ways you can save money in 2015!

Tip #25: Take advantage of discounts and/or incentive programs provided by your employer. –Charles W.

Tip #24: Never purchase expensive items on impulse. Think it over for at least 24 hours. –Michelle F.

Tip #23: Avoid the store card discount trap. Do not sign up for a new credit card in exchange for 10-20% off your purchase. –Jay N.

Tip #22: Don’t take credit cards when you go shopping for holiday items. –Matthew E.

Tip #21: Don’t forget to shop at the dollar store for inexpensive toys, holiday décor and clothing. –Alyssa V.

Tip #20: Search the RetailMeNot App for in-store and online coupons, sales and special offers. –Peggy A.

Tip #19: Hold a cookie exchange. Make only one variety but get a sampling of many. –Joan L.

Tip #18: If you are hosting a holiday meal, ask your guests for help with side dishes and desserts. –Kari P.

Tip #17: Freeze leftovers and bring your lunch to work for 1-2 weeks after the holidays. –Brad W.

Tip #16: Audit your 2014 spending. If you use online banking, this should be easy. Challenge yourself to spend less in 2015. –Brian J.

Tip #15: Try 52 weeks of savings. Week 1 save $1. Week 2 save $2. And so on. By the end of the year save $1,378! –Candi P.

Tip #14: Institute a “Secret Santa” among family or friends. –Cindy N.

Tip #13: Save on your energy bill and improve holiday ambiance by dimming the lights and lighting candles. –Zach B.

Tip #12: Consider sending your annual letter via email or posting it on Facebook. –Julia R.

Tip #11: Try Dinner Spinner for your leftovers. This App gives recipe ideas based on ingredients. –Mary T.

Tip #10: Weather-strip your windows and doors for better insulation. –Jack G.

Tip #9: Look around the house for left over wrapping paper, bows, tape, décor, etc. before buying more. –Norma S.

Tip #8: Track every cent you spend for a month. Then cut back your spending on items outside of your budget! –Lynn B.

Tip #7: Direct Deposit into a Christmas Club account. –Betty Z.

Tip #6: Set up auto-transfer(s) from your checking to savings account after every payroll period. –Lindsey P.

Tip #5: Consider “do-it-yourself” gifts like candles, snow globes, coasters, mittens or blankets. –Brittany L.

Tip #4: Check your community calendar for free holiday concerts and festivals. –Ralph S.

Tip #3: Give gifts of your time rather than buy gifts. –Anonymous

Tip #2: Save spare change in bottles that allow it in but can’t dump it out. Never spend your spare change. –Pamela K.

Tip #1: Avoid impulse purchases―Make a list and stick to it!Gwen M.

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