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Avoiding the Latest Medicare Scams

Posted: May 3, 2018

In the past, Medicare has used an individual’s Social Security Number as the only medical identity number.  Beneficiaries were also encouraged to carry this card with them at all times, which created an increased risk of identity theft. In response to a law passed in 2015 requiring Medicare to remove Social Security Numbers and begin using less sensitive numbers, new cards are being issued to all Medicare enrollees.

Schedule1 of when the new cards will be mailed.

The transition will be seamless. Coverage will automatically transfer to the new number, so when the new card is received, simply replace the old card and begin using the new identity number. But with this large of a roll out, scammers are already finding ways to take advantage of the transition. 

In one scam, beneficiaries are receiving phone calls asking for a credit card number to pay a $25 processing fee for the new card. In a second scam, the individuals are asked to provide identifying information, including their Social Security Number.  In a third known scam, the beneficiary is asked to provide bank account information so the “federal employee” (aka the crook) can “credit” the person’s account for a bogus balance on their old card.2

To avoid falling into one of these scams, use the schedule linked above to find out when the new card will be mailed. There will also be communication from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid. Be assured there is nothing more that needs to be done other than switching the cards and safely disposing of the old card. Be aware of the potential scams and make sure to ignore any phone calls similar to the ones described above!

If you have questions, please contact Cindi Hill at 800.356.2644, ext. 483.2783.

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