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Posted: October 30, 2019

I was fresh out of college. I had just finished my internship and graduated from University of Wisconsin-Stout. I was at that age where I was tired of having just a job and wanted a career, something I could really apply my passion, and my newly earned degree, to. I applied to many places and received only one call back. WESTconsin was looking for someone to help support their North office in Menomonie on the teller line.

I remember how excited I was at the opportunity to start working there. I had heard so much and learned what it truly meant to be a Credit Union that I wanted to match my passion for a career to their drive of helping change people’s lives. Through being a teller, I was able to learn our members’ stories, hear their pains, dreams, hopes and desires for financial stability.

I wanted so badly to be able to help them more, that I stepped up into a Service Center Representative position, where I could have more access to tools and knowledge that could better help the member’s needs.

And if you want to know where the heart of a Credit Union lives, it is in their call center. Day after day, you have the amazing opportunity to help so many people and hear their stories. I will never forget the moments shared with members. One day, I stayed 40 minutes after my scheduled shift to discuss certificate rates with an older gentleman who just wanted to talk with someone. I’ve also sent a form out to another member to help them get an automatic payment set up on their account and attached a sticky note saying how much I enjoyed our conversation. Unknown to me, she sent a separate payment by mail and attached a sticky note saying how much SHE had enjoyed our conversation!

It’s the moments like these, that not only bright our member’s days, but also mine. It’s the reason why I truly believe in what a Credit Union stands for. It’s also provided me the opportunity to become the Member Experience Department Coordinator, allowing me to impact the member experience in a way driven by my passions and skill set. I get to come to work every day and love what I do, and that’s exactly what WESTconsin wants too. 

Kasandra A. Timm
Member Experience Department Coordinator
Administrative Center
WESTconsin Credit Union

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