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Posted: December 11, 2019

  1. Get involved! Become a coach or help organize your kids' activities and clubs. – Melissa S.

  2. Tell someone how proud you are of them, especially when they're having a difficult time. – Kasandra T.

  3. Start a conversation with someone you don't know. – Tara B.

  4. Make an appointment to donate blood or platelets even if it's just once. You can truly save a life! – Jody F.

  5. Make an effort not to be worried about little things and put that extra effort to something that makes a difference. – Amanda K.

  6. Partner with an organization to adopt a family this holiday season to share the gift of joy. – Cassie F.

  7. Ask your kids to give up one gift and donate that gift or money to a charity or a child in need. – Chelse C.

  8. Unplug from electronics for one hour a day, one day a week, one week a year. Use that time to enjoy other's company! – Christina O.

  9. Send a homemade card in the snail mail to let the recipient know you are thinking of them to help brighten their day! – Mary B.

  10. Hold the door for someone. – Jamie R.

  11. Donate to a teacher/school so kids who can't afford books from the Scholastic book fair can buy one & leave smiling. – Barb N.

  12. Always be flexible to lend a helping hand. – Ashley M.

  13. A great gift can simply be a listening ear for someone who needs it. – Justine M.

  14. Pay for the person behind you in line. – Maya W.

  15. Pick up trash on your street or in your neighborhood. – Jinni H.

  16. Take a minute to reconnect with someone you've had a falling out with. It could greatly enrich your holiday experience. – Gail R.

More to come!

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