Online Loan Payments from Another Financial

Paying your WESTconsin loan from your account at another financial is easier than ever!

WESTconsin Online and the Mobile App now allow you to pay your WESTconsin loan from your account at another financial institution. Save time and schedule payments without needing to call or stop in an office. You can even set up recurring payments, so you never miss a payment!

Adding a Funding Account

From WESTconsin Online or the Mobile App

  • Click > Move Money/More > Pay My WESTconsin Loan from non-WESTconsin Account
  • Click > Make a Loan Payment > Pay WESTconsin Loan from your non-WESTconsin Account
  • Add > funding account information
  • Schedule your payment following the on-screen prompts
Note: When adding a new account to make a payment, the earliest date available will be two business days from the date the new account was added.