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EMV Chip Card Questions

  • Where can the EMV card be used?

    The card is accepted worldwide. Originating in Europe, EMV technology has been instrumental in preventing the spread of fraud and will be the chosen method of payment in the United States within the next few years.

  • What is an EMV chip card?

    A WESTconsin Credit Union card equipped with an EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) chip, a technology providing additional security capabilities to protect against fraud when the card is used in a chip-enabled merchant terminal or ATM.

  • Will my card work at merchants or ATMs that are not chip-enabled?

    Yes, all cards also include the magnetic stripe, meaning you can use your card at merchants and ATMs that are not chip-enabled. These transactions are not as secure. Some merchants may choose not to upgrade to the EMV technology.

  • Will my card work for phone or online transactions?

    Yes, you can also complete phone and online transactions the same way you would with a magnetic stripe card. Simply provide your card information and complete your transaction.

  • Is the chip card more secure?

    Yes, each time the card is used in a chip-enabled terminal or ATM, a unique security code is generated, making it difficult for anyone to reuse the information. This technology provides enhanced protection reducing the number of fraudulent transactions from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards. In addition, WESTconsin Credit Union partners with our fraud monitoring service to promptly report unauthorized or unusual transactions.

  • How do I use my EMV chip-enabled card?

    A chip card is easy to use, it is just a little different. At chip-enabled merchant terminals or ATMs: 1. Insert your chip card into the chip-enabled terminal; your card remains in the terminal throughout the transaction 2. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction; you may be required to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or sign to complete the transaction 3. Remove your card after the transaction is completed.

  • Can I still swipe my card if it has chip-based technology?

    Yes, most terminals worldwide accept the magnetic stripe, and you’ll still be able to swipe your card when making purchases. After swiping the card, if the terminal is chip-enabled you will be prompted to insert your card. Using the magnetic stripe does not provide the additional, enhanced security.

  • How do I get a new chip card?

    New member card requests will automatically receive a chip-enabled card.

  • I already have a card, how do I get a chip card?

    We will be replacing existing cards with chip cards over time. You can request a chip card by contacting us at (800) 924-0022 or visiting one of our offices.

  • Will my existing card number change?

    No, your existing card number will remain the same, unless your card has been reissued because it was lost, stolen, or compromised.

  • Will my existing expiration date and security code change?

    Yes, both your expiration date and security code will change when you get your new chip card. If you have recurring payments assigned to your card, you will need to provide those companies with your new expiration date and security code to avoid any disruption in service.

  • Will my existing Personal Identification Number (PIN) change?

    No, your existing PIN number will remain the same.

  • Are there any additional fees associated with the chip card?

    No, the chip comes with your new card at no additional cost.

  • How do I activate my new chip card?

    To activate your new chip card, simply call the telephone number printed on the label adhered to the front of your new card. For security purposes we recommend destroying your current card after you’ve activated your new chip card.

  • I did not receive my replacement chip card?

    If you’ve recently moved or if you have not received your card please contact us to verify your address information is up to date. If the information does not reflect your current address, you may not receive your card.

  • Is my personal information vulnerable if my chip card is lost or stolen?

    If your card is lost or stolen, promptly report it. No personal information is stored on the chip; it contains information used to process your transactions at a merchant terminal or ATM.

  • Are there any situations where I could experience issues using my chip credit card?

    When traveling outside the U.S. some transactions at unattended terminals (such as public transportation kiosks, gas pumps, and parking permit dispensers) will require a PIN. However, this type of PIN technology is different than what you normally use for cash ATM PIN transactions in the U.S. and the card won’t be accepted. In these situations, please locate an attended terminal to complete your transaction or plan for an alternative payment method, such as a local currency.

  • Do all WESTconsin Credit Union credit and debit cards contain the EMV chip?

    Currently WESTconsin Credit Union’s Platinum Visa Credit Card is the only EMV chip-enabled card. Additional EMV cards will be added in the future.

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