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Biometricss FAQs

  • What is/are Biometrics?

    The ability to use your mobile device's finger scanning or facial recognition ability to access your account.

  • How does Biometrics work with my WESTconsin Credit Union App?

    Using the newest version of the app, upon successfully logging into the app with your username and password on a supported device, you will receive a prompt asking if you’d like to start using Touch ID/Fingerprint ID/Face ID to login.

    1. If prompt is accepted, you will be able to login with Biometrics the next time you open the app by using your fingerprint or face. Note: You’ll be prompted at each login to scan your finger/face, if you close the prompt you can tap on login and the prompt will return.
    2. If prompt is not accepted, you will be prompted one more time after 30 days. After the 30 day period, if you’d like to enable Touch ID/Fingerpring ID/Face ID, it can be done by going to the Settings menu within the app.
  • Can I use my username and password if I’ve enabled Biometrics?

    Yes, you can! Please keep in mind that your username and password will still be required when accessing your account on a non-enabled Biometric device, or through online banking. To get to the username and password login page you will need to swipe right on the fingerprint or face icon.

  • If I have someone’s Biometrics, who is not on my account, registered to my device, will their Biometrics allow access to my account?

    Yes, please keep in mind that the WESTconsin apps cannot discern between the Biometics of individuals who are enrolled on the device and if they have permission to access your account. The apps are only informed whether or not the Biometrics is valid, which means that it was successfully added to the device’s Biometrics repository, and not whether that Biometric belongs to the owner of a specific username.

  • I have multiple accounts I access through the app, can I use Biometrics for all of them?

    No, your Biometrics can only be used with a single login per device.

  • How do I access my other account that I’m not using Biometrics on?

    From the login page of the appropriate app, swipe right on the fingerprint or face icon to bring up the username and password login.

  • What happens if I try the wrong finger or it doesn't register my Biometrics correctly?

    After five (5) unsuccessful attempts to use your registered Biometrics to access your account, you will be required to enter in the device’s passcode to re-enable Touch ID/Fingerpring ID/Face ID.

  • How do I turn off Biometrics?

    There are a few ways to disable Biometrics:

    • Disable the Biometrics feature within the Settings menu of the WESTconsin Mobile app or WESTconsin Business Connect Mobile app
    • Unenrolling all fingerprints from the device itself
    • Disable the device passcode from the device’s Settings menu
  • I’ve lost my mobile device that Biometrics is enabled on, what do I do?

    iOS Users: Login to iCloud and wipe your device > then in iCloud go to ‘Find My iPhone’ app, select the device and erase that data on it > contact us so we can add proper notation to your account.

    Android Users: Contact WESTconsin Credit Union to remove all devices allowed to use Biometrics from your account.

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