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Visa Gift Card FAQs

  • What is the dollar amount that can be put on a Gift Card?

    $20 to $500.

  • What is the fee to purchase a Gift Card?

    The fee is based on your Membership Value Pricing status: $4 for Basic, $2.50 for Silver, and free for Gold with a limit of 10 free cards, then $2.50 per Card.

  • Where can the Gift Card be used?

    Gift Cards can be used for purchases at most places where Visa Debit is accepted. To use your Card for payment of an online or phone purchase, the Card must be registered (See question below for how to register your Card). Gift Cards may NOT be used at automated fuel dispensers and certain merchant locations such as hotels, gambling establishments, rental agencies, and some online retailers. Gift Cards may not be used for automatic recurring transactions such as internet service providers and health club fees, or internet gambling, or any illegal activity. Gift cards may not be accepted for bill payment transactions. You should check with the merchant to see if they accept Gift Cards for payment.

  • How can I find out my balance or history on the Card?

    Click here to be directed to the Gift Card website. Simply type your Card Number and 3-Digit Code from the back of the Card and click Log In. You may also call (866) 902-6082 (the number on the back of your Card) for an automated balance inquiry.

  • How do I activate and/or register my Card?

    Click here to be directed to the Gift Card website. Type your Card Number and 3-Digit Code from the back of the Card and click Log In. Then go to Account Activities, Choose Activate Card or Register Card from the drop down menu and click Go.

    Once you activate your Card, you will be able to start using it. After activating the Card on the website, you can then choose to view the PIN. You may also call (866) 902-6082 (the number on the back of your Card) to activate your Card and hear the PIN.

    To register your Card you will enroll your cardholder information. Once your Card is registered, to login to the Website you will also need to fill in the Last 4 of your Phone number on the login page.

  • Does my Gift Card have a PIN number?

    Yes, to use at a Point of Sale purchase to process as a debit transaction; cash back is not available. Please see the Q&A on how to activate your Card for instructions on obtaining your PIN number.

  • Can I use the Gift Card for an ATM withdrawal?


  • Should I choose ‘Debit’ or ‘Credit’ on the keypad when using my Gift Card at a business?

    If you wish to process the transaction as a debit, choose ‘Debit’ and input your PIN number. (See question “Does my Gift Card have a PIN number?” for how to get your PIN number) To process the transaction as a credit, choose ‘Credit’ and sign the receipt.

  • What if the item I want to purchase costs more than the value on my Gift Card?

    To make a purchase greater than the balance on your Card, you will need to use another payment method - cash, check, credit card or debit card - to cover the difference. Tell the cashier the amount to deduct from your Card and how much you will pay with the other method. We do not guarantee the establishment will fulfill this request.

  • Are there transaction limits?

    Purchase transactions are limited to the available balance remaining on the Card. Some merchants—restaurants, hair/nail salons, etc.—preauthorize for an amount slightly higher than the actual transaction to ensure sufficient funds for tips, generally 20% of the transaction. This amount is “held” until the transaction settles and will not be part of the available balance. Only the amount signed for will ultimately be deducted. If the transaction is only a preauthorization and does not settle, the amount can be “held” up to 30 days from the date of the transaction.

  • What if the purchase is declined?

    If a decline occurs, the Card's available balance is probably less than the purchase amount. Some merchants preauthorize for an amount slightly higher than your actual transaction (generally 20%) to ensure sufficient funds for tips or incidental expenses. If the balance on the Card is less than the transaction amount + 20%, it will be declined. The preauthorized amount is “held” until the transaction settles to your Card. Only the amount you sign for will ultimately be deducted from your Card. Use of the Card at automated fuel dispensers will be declined. When making a purchase by phone or online, the account information you provide must be the same account information as when you registered your Card; a difference may lead to a declined authorization.

  • Can I request a cash advance on my Gift Card?


  • Can I add more money to my Gift Card?

    No, the Card is not reloadable.

  • Can I use my Gift Card at an automated fuel dispenser (pay-at-the-pump)?

    No, the Gift Card may not be used at an automated fuel dispenser, but may still be used at a gas station if paying inside with a cashier processing the transaction.

  • Can I use my Gift Card in a foreign country?

    Yes, with limitations. However, for traveling WESTconsin recommends purchasing a Reloadable Card instead of a Gift Card. Gift cards do not have the EMV chip; some foreign merchants may not accept the Gift Card as payment if they require the EMV Chip or for the name to be embossed on the Card. At times prepaid cards may be restricted from use in certain countries due to national security watch lists. Also, some locations may be unable to process debit card transactions and are only able to accept cash payments.  Gift Cards cannot be used at ATMS or for cash advances. Purchases made with the Card in foreign currencies will be charged in U.S. dollars.  The conversion to U.S. dollars will be made in accordance with Visa operating regulations. No currency conversion fee is assessed.

  • Are there any monthly fees?

    Fees are waived for the first twelve months. After twelve consecutive months of no activity on the Card, a $2.50 inactivity fee will be charged per month to the balance remaining on the Card.

  • Can I put a stop payment on a purchase I made with the Card?

    No, it is not possible to stop payment on a purchase after the Card has been authorized for payment.

  • Can I return an item that I purchased with my Gift Card?

    Each merchant location has its own return policies so you will need to check with the merchant. If the merchant credits your Card (puts the funds back on), it may take up to 7 days to see the credit.

  • Who do I contact for a transaction error?

    You should call customer service at (866) 902-6082.

  • Who do I contact if the Card is lost or stolen?

    Please contact customer service at (866) 902-6082.

  • What should I do once I have used all the funds that are on the Gift Card?

    When you have used all the funds on the Card and no returns are necessary, simply destroy and discard the Card.

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