Member Experience

Yes, we really do read every survey!

We exist to serve the financial needs of our members and our communities. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we are owned and operated by and for our members. That means our members are in charge.

Hearing from our members allows WESTconsin Credit Union to improve our service and offer the products that our members will benefit from. It also lets us celebrate the great team members we have that provide wonderful service to our membership. We all want our members to have an exceptional experience every time with WESTconsin Credit Union.

Since 2018, we have received over 4,300 surveys! We love that those members took the time to let us know how we are doing. Decisions about changes are influenced, and often led by member feedback. Our leadership often follows up with members to gain more clarity on what we can do better and to say thank you for taking the time to provide their feedback. We also use the feedback to evaluate our policies and procedures, products and services.

Surveys aren’t the only way to share your thoughts and suggestions. Here are a few other ways we would love to hear from you:

  • WESTconsin values our members’ experiences—they created a position that focuses on just that! Sara Janssen, our Vice President of Member Engagement, is focused on listening to member feedback and helping make sure that the decisions we make always have the members first. You can reach her by calling our Service Center (800) 924-0022
  • Stop in to any office or call our Service Center! All of our employees are here to help! They all go through multiple trainings and strive to exceed your expectations. If we are unable to assist you to your satisfaction, they will share your suggestions and thoughts with the appropriate management.
  • Social Media—WESTconsin Credit Union is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Our social media specialist will respond quickly to any questions or concerns you have. She will make sure to share your suggestions with the appropriate teams!

Your suggestions and insights have helped shape the following items:

  • We now offer online forms via WESTconsin Online that allows you to request to open a new sub-savings, print off a copy of your checking direct deposit information, and send any travel maintenance that you may have planned all without having to come in office
  • Members are now able to make their mortgage payment using WESTconsin Online and Mobile App
  • Once you sign up for eDocuments using WESTconsin Online, the last three years of your eDocuments will be available to you immediately, beginning with January 2020
  • We have increased our mobile deposit to $4,000 per check with the first $2,000 being available as soon as the first business day
  • We have updated WESTconsin Online for our WESTconsin Credit Union Platinum Visa cards to no longer show if they have been lost, stolen or closed
  • Within our Mobile App, we have added a convenient “Pay” button on loan accounts, making it easy to make loan payments
  • We have introduced Card Control which offers members the ability to manage their debit cards from WESTconsin Online or the Mobile App. Members can temporarily deactivate and reactivate their debit card, block foreign, online or in store transactions, restrict ATM usage and much more
  • We are now offering a Youth Savings account with a fantastic rate to encourage our younger members to save
  • Members now receive timely, electronic communication from our mortgage team that keeps them up to date through each step of the mortgage loan process
  • Members can now reset their own password if they become locked out of Online Banking
  • We have trained more team members to be Financial Coaches to help more of our members achieve financial success
  • Members are no longer required to update their passwords on a regular basis thanks to added security measures that reduce the risks of online fraud
  • When members use Bill Pay to send payments to WESTconsin Credit Union accounts, payments are now sent electronically instead of via check, which means that payments are received much quicker
  • We improved our WESTconsin Credit Union Platinum Visa card to include features such as new designs, additional fraud and security controls, improved mobile and online banking features, and an enhanced rewards program