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A WESTconsin Credit Union membership means you have access to some of the lowest mortgage closing costs in the area. Membership Value Pricing (MVP) status provides discounts on closing costs—$100 off for Gold MVP members and $50 off for Silver. We welcome you to contact one of our knowledgeable Mortgage Loan Originators today. We are here to help you through the application process. If you choose, we are able to offer conditional approval letters, which will help you better understand affordability and potential loan options. WESTconsin offers complete local servicing of your mortgage for the life of the loan, which means we will always be here for you. Whether you are a first time homebuyer or looking to refinance, our lenders are here to help.

Current Rates

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Rate APR Monthly Payment
30 year 3.250% 3.328% $870.00
20 year 3.125% 3.234% $1122.00
15 year 2.875% 2.943% $1369.00
10 year 2.750% 2.848% $1908.00

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

Rate APR Monthly Payment
5/1 ARM 3.000% 3.037% $843.00
7/1 ARM 3.250% 3.153% $870.00

ARM = Adjustable Rate Mortgage. The interest rate is fixed for a specified term and then adjustable at a specified frequency, thereafter. A current Index and Margin were used to display potential rate and/or payment. ARM APR and Monthly Payment assume an amortization schedule of 30 years.

WESTconsin ARMs

Rate APR Monthly Payment
5/1 ARM 4.750% 3.586% $1043.00
7/1 ARM 5.250% 4.080% $1104.00

WESTconsin ARMs are an option if you have had some credit problems in the past, or you are financing a home that may not meet typical financing conditions.

Interest rate and APR are subject to change without notice and published rates do not constitute a loan offer. APR = Annual Percentage Rate - The rate that reflects the actual, annual cost of the loan. Payment examples reflect a monthly payment of principal and interest only and your actual payment may be higher. An escrow account for real estate taxes, property insurance, and private mortgage insurance and flood insurance (if applicable) may be required. Rates and payments are based upon a loan amount of $200,000.00 for a single-family, owner-occupied home, assumes a limited cash out refinance with 80% loan-to-value, and a representative credit score of 740+. Loan may be subject Loan Level Pricing Adjustments, charged in the form of points, which are based upon the selected loan program and your specific loan application. Your actual APR will be based upon your final loan amount and applicable costs. Loan subject to credit approval and membership eligibility.

First Mortgage Loan Options

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages

    Choosing a fixed rate mortgage loan is often the route to go if you are planning for a long-term commitment with a property. Lock in an interest rate for the term of the loan. You can choose a longer term and have a smaller monthly payment or choose a shorter term, and have a larger monthly payment. Advantages of fixed rate mortgage include:

    • A variety of terms to fit your budget
    • Dividends paid on escrow account
    • Principal and interest payment that never change

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  • Vacant Lot Loans
  • Home Construction Loans

    Home construction loans typically require interest-only payments during construction. WESTconsin offers options that keep your budget in line and your construction schedule on time.

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  • USDA Rural Development Loans

    WESTconsin Credit Union partners with USDA Rural Development to provide low to no down payment mortgage options for borrowers and properties that meet USDA Rural Development guidelines. This program may be beneficial to borrowers that have limited down payment for the purchase of a home.

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  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

    ARM loans offer lower interest rates during the earlier term of your loan with a rate that is fixed for 5 to 7 years and then adjusted thereafter according to the market. WESTconsin's loan originators will review several ARM loan alternatives and determine which saves you the most. Below are common ARM options whereas the first number indicates the number of years under fixed rate and the second reflects the number of years the rate will adjust thereafter:

    • 5/1 Year ARM
    • 7/1 Year ARM

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Refinancing Options

WESTconsin Credit Union has a variety of home mortgage products to suit your individual refinance needs. Contact one of our Mortgage Loan Originators today to discuss which loan program may be best for you.

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