Additional Services

We provide the convenience of many additional financial-related services for your needs. From safe deposit boxes to money orders and wire transfers, we’ve got you covered.

Safe Deposit Boxes

A variety of fire-resistant safe deposit boxes are available for rent at all WESTconsin offices except Menomonie-North. Check with your local office for availability.

Safe Deposit Box Rent and Fees

Box Size Annual Rent
3 x 5 $25
2 x 10 $30
5 x 5 $35
3 x 10 $40
5 x 10 $50
10 x 10 $75
  • Gold Membership Value Pricing (MVP) members/households receive 50% rental discount
  • Silver MVP members/households receive 25% rental discount
  • Replacement of (1) lost key—$35
  • Replacement of (2) lost keys (lock drilling)—the greater of $100 or locksmith charge

Money Orders

Money orders are available to members for amounts up to $1,000.

Notary and Witness

Notary Public and Witnessing services are offered at no charge to our members and non-members. A valid Drivers License or other form of valid identification is required.

Medallion Signature Guarantee

Medallion Signature Guarantee services are offered at no charge to our members. Members must have a continuing relationship with WESTconsin Credit Union for at least six (6) months prior to receiving Medallion services. A valid Drivers License or other form of valid identification is required along with other required supporting documents.  

Wire Transfers

We are able to send and receive money through wire transfer.

ACH Origination Transfer

Have an account elsewhere that you’d like to use to pay your WESTconsin loan? No problem! We can set up automatic ACH transfers or loan payments to your WESTconsin account.

Recurring ACH transfers can be set up for:

  • Savings or checking accounts
  • Loan payments

Call (800) 924-0022 or stop by your local WESTconsin Credit Union office to get started.