Personal Savings Accounts

We’re here to help you save. And we have lots of ways to do it—from our basic member savings account to our specialized savings accounts and a great variety of investment products.

Membership Savings Account

To become a member of WESTconsin Credit Union, you will be required to open and maintain this simple savings account. The Membership Savings Account can be opened for you with a mere $5 minimum balance. This deposit represents your ownership-share in the credit union. Additional savings accounts can be opened with no minimum balance or withdrawal charges. All savings accounts earn dividends on each day’s balance. Dividends are credited and compounded monthly.

More Ways to Help You Build Your Savings

We’re big believers in helping our members develop healthy savings habits. So, in addition to offering regular savings accounts, we also offer a variety of other money-wise options, including a Christmas Club and Funeral Trust. And we offer many investment products to assist you in saving for the future or for medical expenses. The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) federally insures all WESTconsin savings accounts up to at least $250,000.

Christmas Club
Youth Savings Accounts