Our Purpose

Credit unions exist to help people, not make a profit. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we are owned and operated by and for our members. This allows WESTconsin to operate at a lower cost than other for-profit institutions, and in turn we offer various financial programs and services, including:

Low cost, high quality products and services to help members reach their financial goals
  • Many people choose to become a member at a credit union because they can offer lower rates on loans and higher rates on deposit accounts.
Free adult financial education classes and programs
  • WESTconsin has financial advisors on staff that will meet with our members to help provide them with advice and tips to reach their goals.
  • Our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness provides members with free access to financial education and counseling services. If you feel more comfortable receiving financial advice from an expert outside of WESTconsin, GreenPath Financial Wellness is a fantastic resource.
Free youth classes and programs
  • Free youth classes and programs to provide young people a glimpse of and help prepare for “the real world.”
  • Meet Fin Lee Fox! Fin is a clever, financially wise critter that wants you to be your best! Follow Fin as he guides youth and teens along a path of learning more about money, saving, borrowing and more.
  • Banzai! Online financial literacy for students of all ages.
  • High School Credit Union Offices are fully operational, on-site credit union in area schools.
Employee volunteerism benefiting community-driven causes and non-profit agencies

We are based in your community, owned by people like you. You can expect a high level of personal service and depend on WESTconsin employees who are dedicated to help you reach your goals.