Routing & Account Numbers

For setting up Direct Deposit, electronic payments, electronic tax refunds, and digital payment methods you’ll need to know certain numbers – WESTconsin’s routing number and the ACH account number for your savings or checking account.

WESTconsin Credit Union's Routing Number: 291880589

For electronic/ACH transactions your savings account and checking account are DIFFERENT account numbers. You will need to use the specific ACH number and formatting that matches the account type you want to use.

Checking account: ACH number assigned at account opening; see below for how to access your checking account number

Membership Savings account: simply use your Member Number

Have more than one savings under your Member Number?

  • Use your Member Number-4-digit Savings ID; Example 1234567-1005 
  • MUST include the dash (-) between Member Number and 4-digit Savings ID to be acceptable for ACH
  • Some companies or websites may be unable to accept a dash (-) in the account number for your other savings account. If that happens, you need to simply use your Member Number and the ACH transaction/direct deposit will automatically post to your membership savings account

How to access your account number

Login to WESTconsin Online or the Mobile App

  1. Click/tap on the account name (Example: Preferred Checking, Membership Savings, etc.)
  2. Click/tap ACCOUNT DETAILS (Online) or SHOW DETAILS (App)
  3. Locate ACH number field = this is the account number to use for setting up ACH Electronic transactions on this specific account

ACH/Direct Deposit Form

  • Easily access and print Direct Deposit information for an employer or tax preparer using this form. Your information will print with WESTconsin letterhead, saving you a trip to the office or call to our Service Center. Login to WESTconsin Online, go to Additional Services > Secure Forms > ACH Direct Deposit Form
Checking account number on paper checks

  • If you have paper checks for your checking account, you can look at the bottom line of numbers to find your checking account number. The routing number is on the bottom left corner of the check (291880589) and your checking account number follows it
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