Security and Fraud Resources

Keeping our members’ accounts and money secure is a top priority. The best way to protect yourself from fraud is to stay educated and vigilant.

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Reputable organizations, such as the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), Credit Union National Association (CUNA), Cardholder Services and WESTconsin Credit Union, will never contact you by phone, text, or email to ask you for your personal or financial information.

Credit Card and Debit Card Users: WESTconsin Credit Union partners with a third-party vendor to monitor suspicious and fraudulent activity on your debit or credit card. You may receive a call from Cardholder Services attempting to verify the activity on your account. Please note the representative will not ask for your personal information. This is a valid call to contact you regarding the suspicious account activity. Please contact us directly should you have any questions about the call you received.  

What To Do

If you receive a suspicious email, call, or letter:

  • Do not respond to it and contact the local authorities
  • If an item appears to come from WESTconsin Credit Union, contact our Service Center at (800) 924-0022 to verify the validity of the inquiry

If your wallet or WESTconsin card is lost or stolen:

  • Call (800) 924-0022, our toll-free number that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all WESTconsin Credit Union credit and debit cards
  • Temporarily deactivate your debit card with our Debit Card Control feature through WESTconsin Online or the Mobile App

WESTconsin Is Here to Help

WESTconsin Credit Union helps you stay ahead of fraudulent activity on your debit or credit card with our Fraud Text Alerts program. If you have a WESTconsin Credit Union debit or credit card and a phone number on record, you will automatically become enrolled in our Fraud Text Alerts program. There is no cost to join and no enrollment process, just one more layer of security to keep you protected from potential fraud!

Do you have identity theft protection? WESTconsin's Preferred Checking account provides resources to help protect you against identity theft and fraud.

Want to protect your identity or your identity has been stolen? Here are identity theft resources if you need to reclaim your stolen identity or want to protect it in the future.

Stay up to date on the latest tips and trends to help protect yourself against fraud on the WESTconsin blog.