Your card. You're in control.

Card Control offers you the ability to temporarily deactivate your debit card, should it be misplaced, and the ability to reactivate it once found! With WESTconsin’s Card Control you can also control where and when your debit card is used. You decide whether you want to allow online or in-store purchases, and manage ATM transactions. You can even restrict foreign transactions. Enable real time notifications for any category of transactions.

Card Control feature allows you to:

  • Turn your WESTconsin debit cards ON or OFF
  • Restrict payment methods
  • Receive notifications for the transactions you choose

Setting up Debit Card Control

  1. Once logged in to WESTconsin Online or the Mobile App > Card Services > Debit Card Control
  2. Register for Card Control by accepting the Terms and Conditions
  3. Edit debit card name(s)
  4. Manage transaction categories and alert preferences

A word of advice

The controls and settings in WESTconsin’s Card Control are designed to prevent others from using your card without your authorization, but that same functionality could prevent you from using your card if you’re not careful. To get started we recommend that you begin with enabling notifications so that you’ll know immediately whenever your card is used—and where, and for how much. Then, one at a time, try setting the various controls and preferences until you find what works best for you. If your card ever doesn’t work when you think it should, turn off all controls and try your transaction again.