The WESTconsin Credit Union Visa gift card is a quick purchase and ideal gift for anyone on your list. It is a prepaid card that is accepted at most merchants that accept Visa debit cards. Recipients can use the gift card as many times as they like, up to the amount stored on it. As the gift card is used, the amount of each purchase is automatically deducted from the available balance.

WESTconsin Visa gift cards can be purchased in dollar amounts from $20 to $500. Each gift card costs $4.00, discounted to $2.50 for Silver Membership Value Pricing members and free for Gold members. Limits may apply to the number of prepaid cards that can be purchased.

Visit any WESTconsin Credit Union office to purchase a Visa gift card. Call our Service Center ahead of your visit and we'll have your cards ready! You’ll have a gift that anyone will appreciate!