Business Membership Savings

Every business account at WESTconsin starts with a savings account. This business savings account is your ownership share in the credit union and provides access to the many great benefits of WESTconsin’s business services.

These membership services include:

  • A $5 minimum balance is all that’s required to purchase a credit union share and open the savings account.
  • Business savings accounts cannot drop below the required minimum balance unless all other accounts under this membership number have been closed.
  • There may be transaction charges with this account.
  • This account is subject to the terms and conditions in the Account Disclosure and Service Charges and Fee Schedule.

WESTconsin Credit Union’s financial services offer a solid foundation for the success of your business. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of starting your business savings account today. Use our Business Account Checklist to ensure you have all the documentation needed to open your account.