School Programs & On-Site Locations

Bringing financial education and hands-on experience to local schools

Overview & Background

The need for financial education amongst the youth is extremely important. Supporting them in developing healthy financial habits will help them secure a healthy financial future. Therefore, schools are becoming more involved in exposing students to financial education by incorporating materials and hands-on activities into their curriculums.

WESTconsin Credit Union also recognizes the significance of this need and chooses to be part of a proactive solution by partnering with area school districts to assist in the financial education of more than 60,000 students. WESTconsin is currently active in more than 200 schools throughout west central Wisconsin and east central Minnesota, enhancing classroom activities with free financial literacy programs and services. For over 20 years, WESTconsin has partnered with schools on a financial education effort.


High School Sites

WESTconsin Credit Union operates high school offices that not only provides easily accessible financial products and services to students and staff, but an interactive venue for students to discuss financial matters one-on-one with credit union personnel. On-site offices also give student tellers professional employment experience within the financial services work environment. The credit union can assist many classes with promotions, seminars and other activities that seek to encourage saving, budgeting, planning for the future as well as other financial education resources.

Amery High School

Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the lunch periods
Location: Reception area near the cafeteria
Partner: School’s Youth Apprenticeship program

Baldwin-Woodville High School

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday during the lunch periods
Location: Near the lockers, next to the school store

Menomonie High School

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during the lunch periods
Location: Near the auditorium
Partner: Business Department’s Youth Apprenticeship program

New Richmond High School

Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the lunch periods
Location: Commons area
Partner: Business and Marketing Department’s Financial Services Cooperative program