Business Deposit Tips

Helpful tips to make your business banking deposits quick and easy.

  • When using our drive-up service to make a business deposit, our first lane (next to building) has a pull out drawer to make your transaction more convenient.
  • Please endorse (stamp/sign) checks with your business name. We may need additional information if your checks are not endorsed.
  • Include a deposit slip/calculator tape with your checks so we can easily identify any discrepancies.
  • When a WESTconsin office is closed, you may use the night deposit box to make deposits. If you are using a deposit bag, feel free to drop it in the night deposit. If it does not fit, please ask for a key to access the night deposit box as needed. We open our night deposit box every morning, Monday through Saturday. You may pick up your deposit bag/receipt any business day after 11 a.m. All deposits put in the night deposit box on Sunday will be deposited on the next business day.