Digital Wallet FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Wallet can be found below. If you don't see an answer to your question contact us and we'd be happy to help!

  • What are my Digital Wallet options?

    • Use Apple Pay® to pay online, pay in-person, pay in apps, and send money from your Apple® mobile devices.
    • Use Google Pay™ to send money and make online or in app payments. Make contactless payments with Android™ smartphones.
    • Use Samsung Pay™ on your Samsung™ mobile devices to pay in person, online or send money.

  • How do I set up a Digital Wallet?

    The apps that you use to set up your digital wallet are available for download on most mobile devices. To use your WESTconsin credit or debit card with these digital wallets, follow the instructions on your device or follow these links:

  • Where can I use Digital Wallet?

    Use your digital wallet anywhere Apple Pay, Google Pay, and/or Samsung Pay is accepted.

    • In store – look for the contactless symbol on payment terminals.
    • Online – Checkout faster online when you see your wallet’s logo.
    • In App – pay safely, securely, and easily in your favorite apps.
    Follow the links below for participating merchants:

  • Is there a fee for using Digital Wallet?

    There is no cost from WESTconsin to use your digital wallet. Your credit and debit card terms and conditions will apply for purchases. WESTconsin does not charge any fees to add your credit or debit card to your digital wallet.

  • How secure is Digital Wallet?

    Digital wallets are often considered safer than a traditional wallet because of built-in protections. For example, many applications require a passcode or biometric authentication, including thumbprint and/or face recognition, to gain access. Digital wallets heavily encrypt all credit card and banking details to help keep them secure from hackers.

  • Can a thief pickpocket my contactless card?

    While programs do exist that allow someone with bad intentions to access some of your card information from your Digital Wallet, they would only be able to access the account number and card expiration date. Additionally, the thief would need to be in physically close contact to the device to get that information.

  • If my contactless information is intercepted, can the thief create a counterfeit card to use in a store?

    Thanks to the security measures of the Digital Wallet, it would be extremely difficult for a fraudster to copy the information needed to create a functioning counterfeit version of a contactless card.

  • Even if a thief can’t counterfeit my card, could they make a purchase online or by phone with my information?

    For purchases made via phone or online, typically several pieces of information are required (including the three-digit code, zip code associated with the card, etc.). Since the card or device does not transmit this information when making payments using Digital Wallet, the thief would not have the information typically needed to conduct payment transactions, in person, online or on the phone.

  • Can I remove the card number stored on my device?

    Yes, you can delete your card’s account from your device. If you delete your digital account, you are still able to make purchases with your physical card.

  • Is my information stored on my device?

    Your payment information is stored in the digital wallet app—not on your phone. The app assigns each credit and debit card a virtual card number associated only with the digital wallet and mobile device you use. Additionally, most apps require authorization via biometric authentication, including thumbprint and/or face recognition, passcode, or other security measure before completing the transaction.

  • What should I do if my physical card is stolen?

    If your physical WESTconsin Credit Union card should become lost or stolen please contact us immediately at (800) 924-0022. By reporting your card lost or stolen any Digital Wallet transaction using the Virtual Card Number associated with your physical card will be blocked. It is recommended that you remove the lost or stolen card from your Digital Wallet on your device and add your replacement card once activated.

  • What if my device with my Digital Wallet is lost or stolen?

    There are features to help prevent other people from using your Digital Wallet compatible device. In the event your device is stolen, and you choose to cancel your physical WESTconsin Credit Union card, any Digital Wallet transaction using the Virtual Card Number associated with your physical card will be blocked. You may also want to change your passcode for your Digital Wallet on a different device.

  • What happens to my mobile wallet when I replace my device?

    If you replace your device, you may need to add your WESTconsin Credit Union card(s) again to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay on the new device. Check your new device to determine if card information carried over, or if you will need to re-enter it.

  • What happens when my card expires?

    • Using Google Pay, you will be prompted to update your card in your digital wallet. You can access your card and make changes at any time within the app.
    • For Apple Pay and Samsung Pay users, you can't change your card number or expiration date, however it should update automatically when you get a new card. If your issuer doesn't support updates, you might need to remove the card, then add it again.

  • Why am I being asked to call the credit union to verify my card when setting up Digital Wallet?

    This is an extra security step within the registration process.

  • How do I return an item I bought using my Digital Wallet in a store?

    To learn about returning an item bought with your digital wallet, please follow the appropriate link below:

  • Why won’t my Digital Wallet work to make purchases?

    There are a variety of reasons why your Digital Wallet may not work, including the terminal or the device at the time of purchase including:

    • Terminal/Merchant
    • NFC setting not enabled – This issue will only affect Google Pay and/or Samsung Pay users. Apple Pay automatically enables NFC and mobile payments.
      • Setting > Connections > NFC and Payment > On
    • Card Controls
    If you tried using your physical card and it was declined, please contact WESTconsin Credit Union for further troubleshooting. 

  • Should I carry my physical card as a Digital Wallet user?

    It is always a good idea to have a second form of payment as a backup, especially as you become familiar with where your Digital Wallet is accepted.

  • What should I do when I receive a new card?

    For a new card, you will go through the initial set up of providing the basic payments details to add the card to a Digital Wallet.