Student Loan FAQs

As of January 2019, WESTconsin Credit Union discontinued offering Private Student Loans. Students in need of financing should contact their financial aid office.

Prior to January 2019, WESTconsin Credit Union partnered with CU Learn as our Private Student Loan provider. For existing private student loans, please see below information.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

    For payment history, account balances, and billing questions contact (800) 999-6227

  • Can I view my student loan information and payment history online?

    Yes, loan information can be found online at:

  • Where do I mail my payments?

    Payments are mailed to: University Accounting Service, P.O. Box 6491, Carol Stream, IL 60197

  • Will I receive a payment book or monthly statement to make my payment?

    Yes, you will receive a monthly statement from University Accounting Service (UAS), who is the servicer of your student loan. Payments can also be made online at:

  • What is the minimum payment amount?

    The minimum repayment amount is $50.00, but may be more depending on the loan amount.

  • When does repayment begin?

    Repayment of principal and interest on each loan will begin six months after the student ceases to be enrolled at least half-time. The six-month period between the in-school and repayment period is called a grace period. If the immediate repayment of principal and interest is selected there is no grace period available.

  • Is there a grace period?

    You have 10-days after the due date to make your payment before a late charge is assessed.

  • Can payments be set up on automatic payment?

    Yes, automatic payments can be set up and managed online at: