Shared Access

Grant access to your account without sharing your username or password.

Shared Access allows members to grant account access to anyone they trust (aka a subuser) while maintaining control by assigning account permissions. The subuser does not need to be a WESTconsin member. Shared Access does not allow subusers to be given access to: Money Management, Purchase Rewards, eDocuments, credit card access, Mobile App, text banking or Debit Card Control. Scheduled Recurring Transfers, Member to Member Transfers, Apply for a Loan, Additional Services; including Secure Forms, Zelle or Externally Sourced Loan Payments (Pay by WESTconsin Loan) 

Type of Permissions

View Only

  • View account balances and history
  • View and print check images
  • Print and export account history
  • Update username, password, email address and phone number
  • CANNOT transfer money

Make Internal Transfers

  • Transfer between suffixes

Make Bill Payments

  • Has View Only permissions—in addition to make internal transfers permissions

In Bill Pay, Subuser can:

  • Schedule one-time payments (within dollar amount limit set by account holder)
  • View all payees
  • View all payment history
  • Edit scheduled payments
  • Cancel scheduled payments
  • View ebills, memos, file bills

In Bill Pay, Subuser cannot:

  • Add, edit or delete payees
  • Set up automatic payments or reminders
  • Send expedited payments
  • Set up eBills
  • Edit payments pending approval
  • Edit payments above bill pay limit

How to Add Subuser

  1. Click Additional Services > Shared Access > Add Person > Shared Access Terms & Conditions
  2. Enter first name, last name, phone number, email address of subuser
  3. Either click on each individual suffix to grant access for OR click on Grant full access to all accounts
  4. Confirmation screen will review the subuser’s steps to login

Subuser's Experience

  1. Subuser will receive two separate emails, one with the username and a second with the temporary password with a link to access WESTconsin Online
  2. Subusers will receive a one-time verification call to the phone number provided by the member
  3. Subuser will be required to change password
  4. Subuser will receive additional emails when changes are made to their password, contact information, etc.