Real-Time Alerts Now Available


GOOD NEWS! Real-time alerts are available! Look for the new real-time alerts after business hours on November 8, 2022.

What are Real-Time Alerts?

Real-time alerts notify you within seconds after transactional activity for low balances on savings, checking, and money market accounts, as well as large deposits on a loan. You can even set a certain dollar amount that will trigger the alert, so you are aware of account activity in real time!

How Can I Receive My Alerts?

  • Push Notifications – notification on your phone’s home page, only available if you’ve enabled them through the Mobile App (Mobile App > More/Menu > Settings > Push Notifications)
  • Text message – only available if you’re registered for Text Banking through WESTconsin Online
  • Email – email(s) registered for Alerts & Notifications through WESTconsin Online (Notifications > Settings)

How to Silence Real-Time Alerts

Because real-time alerts are triggered by transactional activity, the time of these alerts may not always align with your sleep schedule.  If you do not want to be notified during specific times, use your devices Do Not Disturb feature to silence the alerts. 

To set up, change, or delete real-time alerts and other scheduled account alerts for low balances, large deposits, and other notifications, go to My Settings > Alerts & Notifications in WESTconsin Online or through the More/Menu > Settings > Push Notifications in the Mobile App.

For assistance regarding real-time alerts, call our Service Center at (800) 924-0022.

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