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If 2023 is the year you’re looking to buy a home, then read on. This could help you get the home of your dreams.  In this highly competitive market, it is critical for buyers to understand the current market and use proven strategies to be successful.  Although it has cooled some compared to the last two to three years, the housing market will still be challenging for buyers to find a home, and just as challenging to win the bidding process.  Below are proven strategies that can help any buyer find the right home and offering a purchase agreement that sellers will consider.


Unless a buyer is paying cash for a home, which is rare, they will need to work with a lender to establish a mortgage loan to purchase a home.  The financing process generally will require sometimes time-consuming organization and diligence from the buyer.  Lenders will need:

  • Detailed financial and tax information from buyers as far back as two years
  • A credit history report generated by one of the national credit scores

When it comes to credit worthiness, a great way to improve it is to keep non-secured balances (credit cards) low and avoid late or deliquiate payments.  It is also advised to have  a minimum savings of 5% of the home cost to assist in the down payment, closing costs, inspections, and testing. The strength of the buyers’ financing will play a big role in the decision made by the seller.

Finding a Home

Long-gone are the days of seeing a home for sale and waiting a week or even a month to see the listing price go down.  The reality is in today’s housing market, if a buyer waits on a home for as little a few days, it could and likely will be already under contact.  It is critical for buyers to stay on top of new listings. Real estate professionals often advise buyers to make an appointment and view these new listings in the shortest order possible, as a few days delay could cost a buyer the opportunity to even submit in offer.

Submitting an Offer

Buyers need to understand that in the current environment, they will likely not be the only buyer that submitted an offer to the seller.  Because of this, the buyer should submit a strong offer up-front assuming the seller will not be submitting counter offers back to the buyer.  Removing contingencies the buyer is comfortable with could also put the buyers’ offer in a better light to the seller. Offering a higher down payment (earnest money), as well as a short closing timeframe (generally under 40 days), could also influence the seller in a positive way.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

When working with a real estate agent, buyers can be assured their best interests are being represented.  Agents are held to a code of ethics which requires them to put the buyer’s interest before their own.  Furthermore, agents have the knowledge and experience to assist buyers in the complex intricacies that go into buying a home.  But be assured that agents can’t do this alone. It will take a team effort between the buyer and the agent to succeed in this endeavor.  Buyers will need to work hand-and-hand with their agent to be timely, consistent, and determined to be effective.  Using a real estate agent from the first day will save you time, keep you on track towards success, and help avoid the pitfalls that many buyers find themselves in.  Reach out to your WESTconsin Realty agent in your area today! They are here to help you achieve your home ownership goals.

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