WESTconsin is Making Financial Education Accessible with Banzai


As the school year ends and summer break begins, WESTconsin Credit Union is committed to ensuring that youth have access to financial education year-round. By offering online resources, educational materials, and interactive tools that are easily accessible any time, WESTconsin is empowering young people and helping them build lifelong skills for a secure financial future.

One of the most helpful tools for students, and community members of all ages, is Banzai, an interactive online education resource that WESTconsin sponsors for free. In courses and coaching sessions, students learn important financial concepts and make decisions in a real life, gamified scenario. The interactive courses introduce complex financial topics gradually, starting with foundational concepts that increase in difficulty. This approach ensures that students build a solid understanding early on, gaining confidence as they progress, helping them establish healthy financial habits.

In partnership with Banzai, WESTconsin has educated over 55,000 students in 208 schools across 18 counties in Wisconsin and Minnesota. In the 2022-2023 school year alone, students spent over 10,000 hours in Banzai, learning financial concepts and life skills that often are not taught in the traditional classroom setting.  

“Financial education is a lifelong journey. The earlier we can teach youth healthy financial habits, the better their foundation for lifelong financial success,” said WESTconsin Vice President – Member Advocacy, Jennifer Rathke. “By partnering with local schools, sponsoring Banzai, and offering education resources, WESTconsin is giving youth the knowledge and tools they need to have a secure financial future.”

Banzai goes beyond the classroom, offering articles and interactive courses for people of all ages. From budgeting and saving strategies to understanding credit and investments, Banzai provides helpful financial education for any stage of life. Since January of 2023, members and community members have spent over 830 hours in Banzai calculators and over 6,900 users have utilized Banzai coaches. Banzai, along with WESTconsin’s other educational tools and resources, are available for free to members and any community members seeking to expand their financial knowledge at WESTconsincu.org.

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