WESTconsin on Morning Connection - Credit Unions Are a Great Place to Work


Credit Unions exist to help their members, not make a profit. That means WESTconsin Credit Union is able to take their earnings and invest them back into their members, employees, and communities. On July's WEAU 13 News Morning Connection, Talent Services Partner, Jill Mangus, explains how that makes credit unions such great places to work, especially WESTconsin.

What is the difference between a bank and a credit union, and why might that play a role in work environment?

Credit unions and banks serve many of the same needs for their account holders, but the difference is in the details!
  • At credit unions, depositors are called members. Each member is an owner of the credit union. Bank's depositors are called customers. Customers have no ownership in the financial institution, the financial institutions are owned by investors.
  • Credit union's board members are volunteers who reflect the diversity of the membership. Bank's board members are paid, and do not necessarily reflect the diversity of their customer base.
  • Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives whose earnings are paid back to members in the form of higher savings rates and lower loan rates. Banks are all for-profit corporations with declared earnings paid to stockholders only.
These differences make credit unions such great places to work because they can invest in our employees with competitive wages, great benefits, and development opportunities.

What does WESTconsin do to create a healthy work environment and unique company culture?

WESTconsin is a place that values doing what’s best for those around us! Our positive culture starts at the top with our CEO, Lora Benrud, who truly cares about her members and all employees. With that, WESTconsin prioritizes a family-first focus with great life-work balance. There’s so much more to life than work, but Lora and the rest of the leadership has made it a place where you enjoy coming to in each day.

How does the philosophy of Inspiring Better guide your company and your employees?

We seek to enrich members, communities, and employees with the resources and support to achieve financial wellness.  The philosophy of “people helping people” guides us to Inspire Better in all we do, whether that is providing free financial resources to members, making a donation to an organization, or having our employees volunteer at local events. Just last year alone, we raised and donated nearly $20,000 to local organizations and our employees volunteered at more than 550 events! While supporting one another, we’re Inspiring Better.

For career opportunities and to learn more about the ways we Inspire Better for our employees, visit the Career's page.

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