WESTconsin’s Jill Mangus Earns MAGIC Training Certification Through DecisionWise


WESTconsin is proud to announce that Jill Mangus, Talent Services Partner, completed the MAGIC Training certification through DecisionWise. The MAGIC Training, an acronym for Meaning, Autonomy, Growth, Impact, and Connection, is an online training that teaches leaders how to grow and build engaged teams. With this certification, Mangus is able to provide this training to WESTconsin leaders in the future so they can learn how to better engage with their employees.

“Employee engagement is one of WESTconsin’s top priorities because the higher the engagement, the higher our employee’s performance, retention, and job satisfaction is,” said Mangus. “We strive for excellent member experience, both externally and internally, and having highly engaged employees helps us consistently achieve this.”

Mangus’ future training for leaders will include self-assessment, nine weekly lessons, creating Engagement Action Plans, and implementing those plans with their teams and fellow leadership.

DecisionWise is a company that helps organizations, teams, leaders, and individuals create competency-based cultures that drive success. Since 1996, DecisionWise has surveyed employees from companies all over the world to understand their level of engagement at work. WESTconsin’s 2023 survey showed that 97% of employees are proud to work at WESTconsin and 96% would recommend the credit union as a great place to work.

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