What Not to Do Before Buying a Home


In the excitement of shopping for a home, there are a common mistakes to avoid.

DO NOT…Shop for homes above your price range

It is really tempting to browse for homes above your price range. If you are not finding homes that you can afford, be patient. Looking at homes above your budget can set you up to have higher expectations than what you can actually afford.

Keep in mind the additional costs you may incur when purchasing a home, such as inspections, earnest money, water and sewer tests, insurance, utility deposits, etc.

DO NOT…Take on new debt during this process

Be careful when considering adding additional credit to what you already have. Avoid buying a new car, new furniture, splurge on yourself, etc. Stay accountable by sharing your household and financial goals with a family member or friend. Consider using some form of consulting for financial obligations throughout the process of purchasing a home.

DO NOT…Eliminate a home for minor issues

Finding a home with no cosmetic issues or personal preference issues is rare. Be open to the fact that you may need to repair or replace a few things such as carpet, wallpaper, or paint colors. Be open to what the property can be with a little work.

Remember, a new buyer equals new energy. Be prepared to do a little work to make it your own. Also, you may consider asking the seller for some of the repairs and replacements you’re looking for.

DO NOT…Try to make your furniture fit the new home

Be aware you may have to adjust or remove some of your existing furniture and personal belongings. If everything else checks the box, consider buying a new sofa or dining room table, even if what you have is unique or sentimental to you. If you purchased the furniture for an existing layout in your current residence, it may not look great in the new space, no matter how hard you try.

Marry the house - Date the rate - Divorce the sofa!

DO NOT…Insult the seller on the condition or decor of their home

All sales are emotional on both the buyer’s and seller’s side of the transaction.

Cultivate an atmosphere of respect and consideration. You will improve your chances of successfully obtaining the property by building trust with the seller. This will help you address any concerns with the upcoming testing or inspections.

DO NOT…Work with multiple Realtors in the same market

Be sure to find a reputable REALTOR® to help you with your needs. Avoid using multiple agents in the same market. The information you get will be redundant as most agents get information from the same sources.

Trust your agent and be as honest and as detailed as possible about what you’re looking for. The more details you give your realtor, the better they can help. You can always go your separate ways if you feel you aren’t being served properly.

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