Chippewa Valley Technical College Receives Governor's Financial Literacy Award 2018 for Money Matters


Eau Claire, WI - Chippewa Valley Technical College’s Money Matters financial literacy program is in its infancy, yet it has already had a great impact in the Eau Claire community. Students who need financial literacy the most are the ones who are least likely to seek it out, and that’s why CVTC created an original program that delivers financial literacy in a fun, creative way.

CVTC created monthly workshops (AKA “mini parties”) that focus on money habits and values (Financially Fit), budgeting (Budgeting the Benjamins), debt and student loan repayment (Debt-anator), and credit (Credit is your BFF), but CVTC delivered them in a fun, interactive way. In each workshop, students learn valuable financial literacy information while playing games, eating free food, and winning prizes. Since April 2018, CVTC had over 1,258 attendees participate in Money Matters activities, whether that be via 1:1 coaching, attending workshops, participating in an online challenge, or attending an event. This number is a duplicated headcount.

CVTC partnered with CVTC Foundation, Inc., to secure financial and in-kind gifts to support the program. WESTconsin Credit Union has become a main partner of the Money Matters program. They have helped CVTC create workshop content, co-facilitated workshops, and they have been generous in donating food and prizes to incentivize participation.

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