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At WESTconsin Credit Union I feel we truly make a difference one member at a time. We live the Credit Union difference every day.

The Credit Union Movement is still alive and well at WESTconsin Credit Union. Eighty plus years ago we began as Menomonie Farmers CU, with very humble beginnings. This is how the story begins for most if not all credit unions throughout Wisconsin as well as our great country. We continue to serve our communities with those same humble feelings and approach today. Living the CU philosophy of People helping People. Helping one member at a time!

WESTconsin Credit Union has shared member testimonial stories over the past several years. Documenting and sharing the change we have made in the lives of our members. Some of them the story of assisting getting a business off and running. Some stories are about being there for a member when others said no, we were there to say yes to help this member with a $4,500 car loan. We were there to help them develop a plan to save money for their next dream of owning a home and seeing this dream come true. Helping One Member at Time!

These testimonials are awesome stories we love to share and celebrate. There are numerous stories that don’t make the list of testimonials. Stories of providing a $200 loan to replace a stolen money order for a member. Stories of an employee digging in a garbage can to help a member find their lost $40 in cash. Stories of employees voluntarily mowing the ditch for an elderly member. The beauty of these stories in my opinion, is it’s just what our employees do. They don’t think about it in any other context than doing what is right. Helping One Member at Time!

WESTconsin Credit Unions mission, vision and our genuine desire to Help One Member at a Time is just one of the many reasons why I am truly honored and grateful to be a part of this organization.

One of my many joys is to ask a member how long they’ve been with WESTconsin. Then to hear a member say “I’ve been a Credit Union member for 32 years” or “I have a very low member number because I’ve been here so long”. To hear the pride in their voice, to see them stand up a little taller when sharing this with me, it confirms that we are truly Helping One Member at a Time!

Russ Blasius
Senior Vice President-Retail Operations
Hudson Office
WESTconsin Credit Union

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