Avoid These Six Serious Mistakes During Closing


After a long search, you've found your ideal home. Your offer has been accepted, your mortgage approved, and the legal process is underway. Perhaps now you can relax and start making plans for your new chapter in life, right?

Unfortunately, things aren't quite that simple. Until closing has completed, you still need to ensure you do not derail your purchase. Here are six vital mistakes to avoid until you're firmly settled in your new home.

1. Switching Jobs

Avoid switching jobs between your mortgage approval and actually getting the keys in your hand. Taking a new position is a major change in status and could invalidate your approval.

2. Switching Banks

You may be able to get a better savings rate or less expensive overdraft fee by moving banks, but now isn't the time to take advantage of any attractive offers. Changing the details of your bank muddies the waters of your financial situation, and a lender will need to begin their verification processes over again.

3. Applying for New Credit

Your mortgage was approved in the light of your existing credit availability. If you suddenly take on new debt or even just an unused credit line, it will alter the overall picture. Even small changes could have a big impact if your approval was borderline.

4. Paying Off Debt

You may think clearing a debt could only have a positive effect on your finances. Unfortunately, every change in your credit status can be enough to trigger a reevaluation of your loan eligibility, and this includes clearing previous debt.

5. Changing Marital Status

Getting married and buying a new home often go together, but all changes in marital status will have an impact on your credit rating. It may trigger a minor or major change, depending on how closely your individual files match up, but it's best to avoid any disruption at all during this sensitive period.

6. Making Major Purchases

Resist the temptation to shop for furnishings for your new home or make any other major purchases until your mortgage is signed, sealed, and delivered.

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