What is it like to be part of the WESTconsin Service Center Team?


The service center team is really the “family” of team members that work at the call center in Menomonie, WI. We are the helpful voices that you hear when you call us for assistance. We really are happy to hear from all our members. We know the members that call in are our neighbors, friends and family members. 

We have a great team that lives by the WESTconsin mantra of Kindness Counts. That may sound like a standard belief for a business based on service but what makes it different here is we believe that Kindness Counts for our members calling in but also to every WESTconsin team member that we interact with every day. Having supervisors that care about their employees helps create a culture of caring about our members. When you have over 400 employees all working under that mantra it makes coming to work a lot of fun!

At the Service Center we know that every call can bring something different. Of course, we are here to help assist members with any of their financial needs, but those are often tied to our members’ weddings, graduations, anniversaries, new homes or even starting their very own business! We know that we are often part of helping our members achieve their hopes and dreams and want to develop a connection with every member. We celebrate the important moments with our members. It is not uncommon to hear us wishing our members a Happy Birthday, or seeing a card being signed by the team members to be sent to a member that called in and shared that they just got married.

While we do a lot of celebrating we also realize some moments in our members' lives deserve an empathetic ear. We truly care about each of our members and understand sometimes we need to help you through situations that were not expected. In those moments we are encouraged to find the best solution possible after listening to your concerns. 

We go through many different trainings. There are the “system” focused classes but some that are only focused on how to provide the best experience for our members. The training we receive is top notch and we never stop learning. Our supervisors encourage and often suggest learning opportunities so if another position opens up within the company that we are interested in we are ready to take on a new adventure. Our leaders really do care about our career goals. At WESTconsin internal promotions are a real thing and they happen often!

And last but not least we have a ton of fun! We work hard and play hard! We have fun with dress-up or dress-down days. We love a good team lunch or when our supervisors bring us some tasty treats! We come up with fun celebrations to ensure that our team is celebrated, as much as we like to celebrate our members. We celebrate the moments with our members that make a difference and ensure that we pass along those celebrations with the organization. The goal of the Service Center Team is to provide you with the caring and concern that we all have for each other, and continue to look for ways to make your life easier.

To contact our Service Center, visit WESTconsincu.org/contact-service-center or to join our amazing team, visit WESTconsincu.org/about-us/careers!

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