Five Ways a Real Estate Professional Can Help Sell Your Home and Make More Profit


Statistics consistently demonstrate that when homeowners sell their houses through a professional real estate agent, they get a higher price than if they do it themselves. If you're considering listing your house for sale, here are five ways a real estate agent will help you sell and maximize your profit:

1. More Marketing Power

Most buyers start their search for a home by going online. When you go through an agent, your house automatically gets listed on multiple listing services. Real estate agents also share your listing with other agents to have them market your house among their clients.

2. The Right Price

It's difficult to set the correct sale price for a home. If a house is overpriced, it lingers on the market, becomes known as a non-selling home, and loses its appeal. A real estate agent with years of experience is able to set the price in a sweet spot: not too high to turn buyers off and not too low to leave money on the table.

3. Home Improvement Intuition

A remodeled home will appeal to a broader audience, but how do you know how much to spend on improvements? Refreshing worn paint or fixing a loose door are inexpensive fixes that help sell a home, but overhauling your kitchen and bathroom are expensive investments. An experienced agent with an eye for detail knows what you need to spend on and what you don't. Making only essential improvements will ensure the most profit from the sale.

4. Informative Home Showings

When you hire a real estate agent, they will talk to potential buyers, schedule open houses, and make sure there's always someone at the house to show people around. They can also collect feedback from home viewers who don't buy. Those viewers wouldn't be comfortable telling the homeowner why they didn't like their house, but wouldn't mind telling the real estate agent. This valuable feedback can be used by the agent to make listing tweaks.

5. Piles of Paperwork

Closing a home sale involves dozens of pages of complex paperwork. Someone who isn't experienced with real estate contracts and law could find themselves in over their head. For instance, if a home was built earlier than 1978, the law requires you to put in an addendum about the use of lead-based paint. In some states, you need to fill out a release to declare that your home has carbon monoxide detectors. Someone who isn't familiar with relevant laws for their community could leave themselves open to future lawsuits. A real estate agent can take care of all the important paperwork, whether it's property disclosures or documentation, and guide you through the legalities of home selling.

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The material in this article is provided for your informational purpose only and is not intended to substitute professional advice. If your property is currently listed with a Real Estate Broker, this article is not intended as a solicitation. 

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