Free, Online Financial Education Resource


WESTERN WI— WESTconsin Credit Union sponsors an online financial education resource called Banzai. It is open to everyone of all ages and people can find information that fits their learning level or financial stage of life. This program is aligned with all of Wisconsin’s state standards for financial education and offers two platforms for learning: A three stage game simulation and a wellness center with written materials and topic-based modules.

Game Simulation

The game simulation is comprised of three stages, Junior (ages 8-12), Teen (ages 13-18) and Plus (18+). Each stage goes through age appropriate financial information through a life scenario. As you play the game you learn about financial topics and tools to complete the tasks at hand. Each stage can be played on its own but some build on concepts from a previous stage. Although there are age ranges attached to each stage, the simulations are open to everyone and the concepts covered are good for everyone to know!

Wellness Center

The wellness center covers a variety of topics through written articles, financial calculator tools and interactive coaching modules. This portion of the program has resources to cover anything from starting a budget to buying a house or car to preparing for retirement. The coaching modules allow you to use your own information, so you are getting tailored information for your financial situation.

Classroom Sponsor to Online

WESTconsin has been a sponsor of the classroom version of this program for over ten years. Now the program has expanded to be accessible to everyone. Please take a moment to check it out! It is very easy to access, use, and learn from anywhere! Visit to sign up and start learning TODAY! Additional financial education resources offered by WESTconsin can be found at under the ‘Tools & Support’ menu tab.


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