Cyber Security for Phones and Tablets


Cyber criminals are getting creative and may attempt to exploit the apps you download on your phone to access your banking information. While WESTconsin has not had any reports of this, we would like to share some tips to keep your mobile device safe. Below are a few recommendations you should follow when downloading and using apps on your phone, tablet, or iPad. 

  • Obtain apps from trusted sources
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Use strong passwords and good password security
  • Call the institution if a banking app appears suspicious
  • Keep your device and the apps on it up-to-date to the most current version available
  • Avoid links or software downloads from unknown sources
  • Install application/software/updates from legitimate app-stores only
  • Read reviews about the application developers and publisher to determine app credibility 
  • Review and understand the permissions required when downloading/installing applications
  • Install mobile malware protection software
  • Avoid connecting to unknown wireless networks
  • Turn off additional mobile features that are not being used
  • Turn off or limit geolocation features for applications that do not require them
Help fight fraud by keeping your account information up-to-date. 

More information is available if identity theft resources are needed.

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