Help Pay for College with Scholarships!


Applying and planning for college is an exciting time! But how will you pay for it? Most people attending college will have to carry at least some of the financial burden and scholarships can be a huge help paying those expenses.

Apply for everything!

The more you apply for, the higher the chances you have at scoring a scholarship. Guidance counselors, teachers, employers, or parent(s) can help you find scholarships that align with your interests and qualifications.  Scholarships are awarded through a variety of organizations for many reasons; sports, academics, groups you are involved in, scholarship websites, and organizations related to your planned field of study.

Be prepared!

To make the application process easier by having your personal information compiled before you get started. This includes your GPA, class rank, a list of clubs and organizations you’ve been involved with, the school you plan on attending, and your planned major and/or minor. You should also have a personal email address not associated with your high school.

Review your application!

Before submitting the scholarship application, proofread the entire thing to check for spelling and grammar, confirm you’ve shown you meet all requirements, and that you’ve presented yourself as worthy but not arrogant.

If you’d like more recommendations and best practices for completing scholarship applications, spend a few minutes watching the video below or visit $MART Financial Literacy Program.  Best of luck with your application, get that money!

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