5 Items to Save for in November


We are all aware that presents can be a big expenditure at Christmastime, but what about the other expenses that arise during this time of the year? Don’t forget about all the other costs that come with the winter season and the celebrations you might enjoy in the coming weeks.

Winter Clothes – Living in the Midwest, we all know the importance of having adequate winter clothing. While you might be able to find the best deals on this type of clothing at the end of the season, the best selection of winter clothing will likely be available to you in November and December.

Gift Cards – It’s rather common for gift cards to be discounted during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Many retailers will offer certain percentage discounts or price breaks on gift cards during this time of the year, like buying a $100 gift card for $80. These discounted cards are great for gift giving or for your own needs throughout the year.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve Entertaining – Christmas is a great time to gather with friends and family, but many people don’t consider how much these gatherings impact your budget. How many of these gatherings ask you to bring a dish or beverage, require a bit of travel, or have an entry fee? These costs often don’t fit in your normal budget line items, so plan for these items now!

After-Christmas Sales ­ - If you’re someone who plans their Christmas budget in advance, chances are likely those after-Christmas Sales might grab your attention! Items like décor, Christmas cards, lights, and wrapping paper are often marked down even before the holiday has hit.

Whether you’ve been saving for months or are just starting to think about your holiday spending, don’t forget these important items when considering your holiday budget. To make preparing for these items easier in the future, consider a WESTconsin Christmas Club account. Through auto-transfers or other regular deposits, members can save systematically and painlessly. It’s an easy way to save for the busy holiday season.  



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