Protect Yourself From Fraud - Two Scams To Be Aware Of


When you hear “fraud” what do you think of? Many people might think of time, stress, and potential loss of money. It takes time and a lot of stress to file claims and get your funds back if fraud were to occur. Please be aware of the following types of fraud, and do not respond or give any personal information to anyone claiming to be from WESTconsin Credit Union unless you initiated contact.

Two types of scams to be aware of:

  • A scam that is often reported is one where the victim receives a text message asking if a transaction is fraudulent. After replying to the text, they receive a follow up phone call asking for personal information. WESTconsin would not ask for your personal information through calls or texts of this nature.
  • Another scheme that happens often begins as an email that makes the recipient believe there has been an unauthorized charge made to their account and leads to that member paying for a service to make their computer more secure. WESTconsin does not offer this type of service and does not charge for support of our products and services.

WESTconsin will not

  • Ask for your online username or password.
  • Ask for the three-digit code on the back of your card.
  • Include links in text messages.

Please use caution and do not:

  • Purchase gift cards at somebody else’s request.
  • Download software to your devices from someone through an email or over the phone.
  • Provide any personal information to an unsolicited caller or email.

If you are ever questioning the legitimacy of a phone call from or with WESTconsin, please hang up and call our Service Center directly. Yes, really! Hang up! We won’t mind! We would be happy to see that you are protecting your accounts.

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