Jennifer Rathke Completes Credit Union Development Education Training


Jennifer Rathke, WESTconsin’s Vice President of Member Advocacy, recently completed the National Credit Union Foundation’s (the Foundation) signature Credit Union Development Education (DE) training, the Foundation’s signature education platform. DE helps established and emerging leaders within the credit union movement understand and leverage credit unions’ unique business model to serve members and communities in new and better ways. This education also helps credit union employees to understand fundamental barriers that prevent the prosperity of people and communities across the globe.

According to Chad Helminak, director of programs and impact at the Foundation, “This year, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the DE Program and while the program has evolved over years, we keep its purpose constant by focusing on how we can improve peoples’ financial well-being and offer humanity through financial services.” To learn more about the program and graduates, please visit the CUNA website.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our members and to the credit union movement, Jenny!

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